38. Various entities offer to citizens of Kosala – சுரப்பன இவை எனல்

கலம் சுரக்கும் நிதியம்; கணக்கிலா
நிலம் சுரக்கும் நிறை வளம்; நல் மணி
பிலம் சுரக்கும்; பெறுதற்கு அரிய தம்
குலம் சுரக்கும் ஒழுக்கம்; குடிக்கு எலாம்.

Ships provide wealth; measureless,
farms provide, treasures; precious stones
mines provide; privilege of their
clan provides honesty – to all citizens.

Citizens of Kosala are blessed to be born there. Ships come laden with wealth to their country. Fertile farm lands offer their bounties. Their mines throw up precious stones with ease. Being born in that clan, honesty is innate in their citizens.


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