Wealth of the land

வள்ளி கொள்பவர் கொள்வன மா மணி;
துள்ளி கொள்வன தூங்கிய மாங்கனி;
புள்ளி கொள்வன பொன் விரி புன்னைகள்
பள்ளி கொள்வன பங்கயத்து அன்னமே.

Sweet potato diggers find precious gems;
juice dribbles out of the ripened mangoes.
Pollen dotted are laurel flower beds;
sleeping in them are lotus residing swans.

When hill people dig for sweet potatoes, they find precious gems which they throw away carelessly. These gems hit the ripe mangoes in trees causing mango juice to dribble out. Pollen dotted Indian laurel (punnai) flowers (part of seashore) fall  in ponds making a flower bed. Swans mistake this flower bed for lotus flowers where they normally reside, and sleep in them peacefully.


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