Pearls discarded while sifting betelnuts

குற்ற பாகு கொழிப்பன; கோள் நெறி
கற்றிலாத கரும் கண் நுளைச்சியர்
முற்றில் ஆர முகந்து தம் முன்றிலில்
சிற்றில் கோலிச் சிதறிய முத்தமே

Discarded when betelnuts are sifted;
dark eyed innocent girls
heap in their court yards
into toy houses, the scattered pearls.

Dark eyed beautiful young girls play with pearls in their court yards building toy houses. The pearls scattered during this play mingle with betel nuts dried in the court yard. When the dried betel nuts are sifted, these pearls are discarded.  Such is the wealth of the country that pearls are discarded. Pearls are from sea side and betelnuts from farmlands. This and the next 4 songs talk about mingling of products from the five landscapes defined in Tamil literary tradition.


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