Praising the Sattva Guna people

சிற்குணத்தர் தெரிவு அரு நல் நிலை
எற்கு உணர்த்த அரிது; எண்ணிய மூன்றனுள்
முற் குணத்தவரே முதலோர் அவர்
நற்குணக் கடல் ஆடுதல் நன்றுஅரோ

The omniscient, his unfathomable virtue
to explain, is hard; Of three traits of the self,
sattva are the finest; in their virtue
it’s good to immerse ourselves.


Kamban says that it is difficult to explain the virtues of the omniscient (சிற்குணத்தர் – all knowing god) god. Of all the three traits of the self – Sattva, Rajo, Tamas – people of Sattva character are the finest. So let us immerse ourselves in their virtue. The main virtuous characters of the epic (other than the Gods) – Guhan, Hanuman and Vibeeshana are shown as Sattva Guna people.


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