உலகம் யாவையும் தாமுள வாக்கலும்
நிலை பெறுத்தலும் நீக்கலும் நீங்கலா
அலகிலா விளையாட்டுடையார் அவர்
தலைவர் அன்னவர்க்கே சரண் நாங்களே

Universe as per his wish, he creates
sustains and destroys, endless
measureless game he plays; our ruler
to him do we surrender ourselves.



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3 responses to “Invocation

  1. Fantastic Translation, in tune to the spirit!
    Keep it up Chenthil
    Saw this in hawkeyeview & came around! enjoyed the walk in your park:)

    //he creates, sustains and destroys//

    kamban is a bit more scientific here:)
    energy can neither be “created” nor be “destroyed”;
    it can only be transformed!
    thatz why kamban puts the choicest words… நீக்கலும், not அழித்தலும்!:)

    *நீக்கல் = “remove” (remove the forces operating on an object, and the kinetic energy transforms to potential energy)
    *நிலை பெறுத்தல் = “sustain” the equilibrium
    *தாம் உளவாக்கல் = “introduce”

    (Kamban cud have just said ஆக்கல் = Create;
    But he says உளவாக்கல் & தாம் உளவாக்கல்!
    The Lord Introduces his energy into the Universe & that we call “Creation”, but energy can neither be “created” nor be “destroyed”; தாம்-உளவாக்கல் – தாம் உள்ளதை ஆக்கல்)!

    I told the same in hawkeyeview that Kamban’s choice of words is lightning strikes:) அலகிலா is not endless;
    When I saw in your translation that அலகிலா = measureless, I was so happy for Kamban!
    I became extra joyful, when u begin with “Universe” in the same Tamizh Marabu of starting with “ulagam”, for any great epic!

    Keep up the good work, chenthil!
    Let my Murugan grant success to your effort!

  2. Just to add the poem, which inspired Kamban for this invocation song!

    That was from Nammazhwar! (satakopar)
    Kamban wrote satakopar anthaathi before writing his ramavatharam (kamba ramayanam)

    (மன்பல உயிர்களும் ஆகிப்
    பலப்பல மாய் மயக்குகளால்)

    இன்புறும் இவ் விளையாட்டு உடையானைப்
    பெற்று ஏதும் அல்லல் இலனே!
    – from nammazhwar

    அலகிலா விளையாட்டுடை யார் அவர்?
    தலைவர் அன்னவர்க்கே சரண்
    – from kamban

  3. Thanks KRS. The usage of Universe was intentional. I try to stick as much as possible to Kamban’s words. I never realized the difference between creation and உளவாக்கல் – I read it as உள்ளம்+ஆக்கல் – as per his wish. But your reading introduces another perspective, and the more I think, more it seems correct.

    I haven’t read any of the prabandhams or saivite religious texts. So nammazhvar’s verses are new to me. Hope for more such interactions. Thanks once again.

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