In simple words

நொய்தின் நொய்ய சொல் நூற்கல் உற்றேன்: எனை?
வைத வைவின் மராமரம் ஏழ் தொளை
எய்த எய்தவற்கு எய்திய மாக்கதை
செய்த செய் தவன் சொல் நின்ற தேயத்தே


Of simplest of simple words did I write: how audacious?

Like the curse of sages coming true immediately, did his

arrow pierce the seven trees at once; his story as told

by the great poet is still heard in this country.


Kamban says, How audacious of me to write in simple words the story of brave Rama in the same country where Valmiki’s great epic is still listened to.



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